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Where pressing issues in healthcare inspire creative solutions tested by world-leading experts.

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Together, we design, implement and evaluate evidence-based studies and uncover best practices to motivate individuals to take action to improve their lives.



With over 23 million members and operations in all 50 states, our health research informs programs and services that reach our nation’s most vulnerable communities.


Real World Impact

We are positioned to improve the effectiveness of healthcare delivery, positively influence health outcomes, and decrease healthcare costs across the nation.

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Mission Statement

The Centene Center for Health Transformation is an industry-academic partnership that improves the health of the underserved through real-world research. The Center studies data from Centene’s members to answer important questions and test interventions. The Center shares knowledge through broad dissemination, including academic publications and industry-targeted education.


Our Research

The Centene Center is a collaborative partnership, bringing together community, industry, and academic healthcare leaders to improve lives and help communities thrive. Together, we design innovative and evidence-based healthcare interventions that have a real-world impact on how managed care is delivered.


Vaccine Uptake

Studies that explore how attitudes, behaviors, and hesitancies impact vaccine utilization for both adults and children.

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Medication Adherance

The research of various strategies, environmental and emotional triggers, social support, and other tactics to achieve greater medication adherence.

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Behavioral Health

Studies that explore novel interventions, including telehealth, in improving behavioral health.

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Provider Research

Studies that examine plan engagement, strategies to improve population health, access to health, health management, and provider health.

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Social Determinants of Health

The various social, psychological, and economic factors that impact the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

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