About Us

About Us

The Centene Center for Health Transformation is a community-industry-academic healthcare partnership that advances life-centric health solutions to improve lives so that communities can thrive. Our unique research collaboration includes the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University, and Centene Corporation. We leverage the insights of Fortune 50-company Centene Corporation on managed care, along with the academic research and evaluation expertise of the Brown School and Duke University to design, implement and evaluate behavior-based innovations that facilitate healthier living. We use findings from our health research to improve the effectiveness of healthcare delivery, influence positive health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs, especially for the nation’s Medicaid population.


The Centene Center emerged as a formal, funded collaboration in 2015 after years of a shared vision between leadership of Washington University in St. Louis and Centene Corporation. Thought leaders from both organizations envisioned an entity that could leverage the Brown School’s research expertise and Centene’s industry resources to create and implement evidence-based innovations that could concretely improve the health of vulnerable populations across the country. The Centene Center offices are located on the Washington University campus in St. Louis, Missouri with industry and academic partners throughout the United States.

Centene Center Studies: Advancing Science and Practice

The Centene Center for Health Transformation works to transform health research findings into products and services. There are two main approaches Center researchers deploy to help us succeed in our goal.

  • Discover a problem or more typically, explore and characterize a known problem. Center researchers use surveys, interviews and data analysis to illuminate and diagnose.

  • Design a solution using evidenced-based information, something that has been done before, or create a new and innovative solution based on expertise and evidence. The solution is then field tested using a rigorous design with the goal of applying and scaling across states, health plans and member populations.

Our research cuts across five main research focus areas including: member engagement, health outcomes, behaviors, social determinants of health, and healthcare service delivery. Within these areas of research, our studies address a number of critical health topics affecting thousands of individuals and families from our local communities, cities, and states.

The Centene Center for Health Transformation has five main research focus areas: member engagement, health outcomes, behaviors, healthcare service delivery, and social determinants of health.

As shown in the map below, our studies have been conducted in partnership with Centene health plans across the United States. Results from our studies have been presented at scientific and healthcare conferences, published in peer-reviewed journal publications, and are being used by Centene health plans to adapt and tailor products and healthcare services to better meet the needs of their members.

Centene Center Studies Across the US

(To learn more about the studies conducted in each state, click over the state of interest.)

Research Focus Areas

The Centene Center engages in research across five focus areas to influence positive health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs. Find out more about our studies, initiatives, and researchers here.

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