Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation is a healthcare enterprise that provides affordable health care products to residents in all 50 states and internationally. Originally founded in 1984 as a nonprofit in Milwaukee, WI, Centene is now a Fortune 50 company that provides care to more than 23 million members, including Medicare and Medicaid members and individuals served by the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Since its founding, Centene has taken a local approach to healthcare. Driven by a focus on the individual and active community involvement, Centene provides access to high quality, culturally-sensitive healthcare services. Through local partnerships and investments in community arts, education, social services and more, the company delivers whole health solutions and directly addresses challenges that impact members’ health.

Centene’s focus on local care recognizes the impact of social determinants of health (SDOH) on the health and wellness of individuals and communities. Their Social Determinants of Health Innovation team works with state health plans to address challenges that impact members’ health beyond access to medical care. The team works to identify and remove barriers to healthcare through initiatives that address poverty, food insecurity, housing instability and other factors.

Centene’s industry resources and insights on managed care provide the Centene Center with data to develop and evaluate strategies to address healthcare challenges, especially in underserved communities. Working with Centene’s state health plans across the United States, the Centene Center studies solutions that could improve the health of communities nationwide.

Research Focus Areas

The Centene Center engages in research across five focus areas to influence positive health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs. Find out more about our studies, initiatives, and researchers here.

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