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BLOG & NEWS Announcing The Centene Center For Health Transformation

Announcing The Centene Center For Health Transformation

The Centene Center is the result of a unique collaboration between researchers at Washington University in St. Louis and Duke University, and industry leaders from Centene Corporation.

The mission of the Centene Center is to improve the health of vulnerable populations by creating, testing, implementing, and advancing effective behavior-based innovations that remove barriers to healthy habits and facilitate pathways for healthier living. Over the next five years, researchers at the Centene Center will focus on answering three key questions:

  • Can what we say, and how we say it, actually alter health outcomes?
  • How can we use research on behavioral economics to change ingrained health behaviors?
  • Do programs that work across multiple generations lead to healthier lives for entire families?

The findings that come out of the Center will be applied to the Centene family of companies’ products, transforming the way we address health behavior change across the population.

The official launch of the Centene Center begins with an event on Thursday, January 28, where attendees will hear from:

  • Keynote speaker and award-winning journalist David Bornstein on behavior change and health innovation
  • New York Times bestselling author Dan Ariely on how humans’ irrationality affects their health
  • The Centene Center’s Faculty Directors on their research priorities and methods
  • Centene executives on how this research will inform and enhance our services
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