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BLOG & NEWS Centene, Washington U Partner On Health Research Center​

Centene, Washington U Partner On Health Research Center​

Managed care provider Centene Corp. has partnered with Washington University and Duke University to launch a new center aimed at translating research into more effective health-related behaviors.​

The Centene Center for Health Transformation was launched Thursday at an event at Washington University. It will bring together researchers in the fields of behavioral economics, health communication, obesity prevention, and social and economic policy, officials said.

Leading the new center is Michal Grinstein-Weiss, professor at the Brown School at Washington University and associate director of the Center for Social Development. The partnership brings together the Brown School, Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight, and Centene Corporation. The Centene Center will translate behavior change science and public health research into strategies to foster sustainable change in health-related behaviors, officials said.

“Moving beyond providing information to using proven, behavior-based techniques, the Centene Center will be positioned to contribute to the healthcare research knowledge base, influence positive health outcomes and reduce the economic burden of poor health on individuals and society,” Grinstein-Weiss said in a statement.

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