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BLOG & NEWS Helpful Habits to Keep Your Phone Clean

Helpful Habits to Keep Your Phone Clean

It’s important to get in the habit of cleaning commonly touched objects or surfaces like your cellphone. Several studies have shown that these popular devices can be carriers of bacteria and viruses making it even more important to create better hygiene habits.  

  • Don’t Procrastinate. Drop what you’re doing and clean your phone and case right now! If you act right away, you won’t have the chance to forget. If the desired action like cleaning your phone isn’t usually in your daily routine, there’s an increased chance you’ll forget to do it. Use approved disinfecting wipes or household disinfectants to properly clean and get rid of germs.  
  • Set an Alarm. Everyone forgets to do something every once in a while. It’s important to set a reminder to clean your phone once per day. Set an alarm on your phone called “clean phone” once per day and when it sounds, clean your phone right then and there. Having automatic reminders is important because it reinforces your behavior and eventually cleaning your phone will become a habit.

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