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BLOG & NEWS Launch Event For Centene Center Draws Record-Breaking Attendance

Launch Event For Centene Center Draws Record-Breaking Attendance

More than 250 people attended the launch event for the Centene Center for Health Transformation in Hillman Hall, Jan. 28, setting the record for live attendance at an event in the Clark-Fox Forum.

Founded and directed by Brown School Professor Michal Grinstein-Weiss, the Centene Center is an industry-academic collaboration between the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, Duke University and Centene Corporation. The Centene Center’s purpose is to improve the health of vulnerable populations by using path-breaking behavioral and public health science to create, evaluate and implement translational research on improving health behavior.

Grinstein-Weiss introduced the Centene Center with an overview of its goals. She emphasized the center’s collaborative model, which will leverage the expertise of stakeholders across healthcare, from health coaches to public health researchers to executives and beyond. “What we find that will work,” she promised, “we will scale to millions.”

Audience members included representatives from academia, industry, local and national nonprofits, and media, reflecting the transdisciplinary nature of the Centene Center and the resonance of a key question for the center’s research: If we know how to be healthy, why aren’t we in better health? The event featured compelling, interactive presentations by the Centene Center’s leaders, focusing on the center’s potential contribution and its main areas of research.


Research Focus Areas

The Centene Center engages in research across five focus areas to influence positive health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs. Find out more about our studies, initiatives, and researchers here.

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