Our Research Goals

Using the most rigorous and established public health and behavioral science evidence, the Centene Center develops and tests innovative interventions and strategies, applying them in real-world populations and generating new understanding of best practices for implementation and improved health outcomes.

Under the umbrella of the Centene Center’s mission to improve the health of vulnerable populations through behavior-based research interventions, our research goals include:

  • Improve the effectiveness and reach of health programs and services, including vehicles such as online platforms, telephonic and home health coaching, treatment plans, and other efforts to better empower consumers to manage chronic illnesses and live more healthfully.

  • Contribute to the scientific evidence about what works in changing health behavior, improving health outcomes, and facilitating fuller lives for consumers.

  • Serve as a model organization for translational health behavior research, training, implementation and dissemination.

Research Focus Areas

The Centene Center has five areas of research focus including member engagement, health outcomes, behaviors, social determinants of health, and healthcare service delivery.

Within these areas of research, our studies address a number of critical health topics affecting thousands of individuals and families from our local communities, cities, and states.

Research topics include pediatric obesity, diabetes, substance abuse, smoking cessation, behavioral/mental health, preventive health and wellness, the role of basic needs and life values in health behaviors and outcomes, and more.

To learn more about the studies in each of our five focus areas, click on the area of interest below.

Research Focus Areas

The Centene Center engages in research across five focus areas to influence positive health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs. Find out more about our studies, initiatives, and researchers here.

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