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BLOG & NEWS Sunflower Health Plan Takes On A New Role In Peer Coaching Research

Sunflower Health Plan Takes On A New Role In Peer Coaching Research

Member connection representatives from Sunflower Health Plan are being trained as peer coaches as part of the Lifestyle Innovations research at the Centene Center for Health Transformation™. The member connections representatives will work with families participating in Raising Well®, a program designed to educate and promote healthy lifestyle changes among families with children identified as overweight or obese. The peer coaching intervention will be offered to Sunflower Health Plan members in Wichita, Kansas.

Peer coaching has been added to Raising Well’s standard telephonic coaching model as ­part of a study to evaluate whether in-home visits with a peer can enhance the coaching experience. Having similar backgrounds and experiences to those they visit, trained peer coaches may be able to develop a different type of relationship with families than clinical professionals can by phone.

The Centene Center research team is especially excited to work with the member connection representatives, who already have relationships with many health plan members and visit with them in their homes. The research team has developed a training curriculum, which can be delivered remotely, by video conference, to train this group in nutrition and child development.

The research team will assess the intervention to see if this approach improves outcomes and if it is an acceptable alternative or supplement to telephonic coaching. This assessment will include weight measurements of the Raising Well member and his or her caregiver; the number of fruits, vegetables, and sugary beverages they consume; and how much activity they get. The focus of the program includes setting up the home environment to help make healthy behaviors easier, so the assessment will also look at the home environment before and after the program.


Research Focus Areas

The Centene Center engages in research across five focus areas to influence positive health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs. Find out more about our studies, initiatives, and researchers here.

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