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BLOG & NEWS Where Do You Get Your Health Information?

Where Do You Get Your Health Information?

Health information is all around us. But what sources do people look to when searching for answers? In a recent study conducted by the Centene Center for Health Transformation, Medicaid, and commercially insured individuals shared their top resources for learning about health topics. Not surprising, both groups communicated that their top three sources were the Internet, doctors/healthcare providers, and valued personal supporters such as family members of friends, preferably those with health-related training like nurses.

But after the top three answers, the two groups varied on where they gained health information. The commercially insured set stated other sources like group-based diet/nutrition meetings, personal trainers, disease support groups, and web/phone-based health coaching programs. Medicaid participants indicated some different sources such as social workers, health educators, housing authority advocates, and school-based staff.

So does where you gain health information influence how you view health coaching and how you respond to the nomenclature of that role? The study, “Perceptions of health coaching for behavior change among Medicaid and commercially insured adults,” found that the two groups had varied preference for what health coaches were called, but also some similarities. To read more from the published piece, click here:

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